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Ship Chandler Egypt

Our company, which was established in 1982, has been serving you in all ports of Egypt for many years to meet the needs of your ships. Thanks to you, Ship Chandler Egypt have come to the point of the biggest supplier of Egypt today, and Ship Chandler Egypt have worked with thousands of companies and ships like you and you while getting to this point.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve all our new and old customers with a quality above world standards in Egypt, the place where supplies are made at the most affordable prices in the world. Our entire team works uninterruptedly and uninterruptedly to serve you better. The satisfaction of our customers is indispensable for us and is our most important goal.

Who are we?

As we mentioned above, our company, which was established as a small business in 1982, aimed to take itself one step further each year and acted in line with this goal. Our company, which is the only and leading company in the region in the Ship Chandler business, has grown into a family of 54 people serving in all ports and piers of Egypt over the past years.

Our next step is to open branches in other countries of the world while continuing this business as a leader in Egypt and to try to become a worldwide company with these branches. In order to achieve this, Ship Chandler Egypt always keep the satisfaction of our valued customers at the forefront and we work every day and every hour to meet the needs of your ships with a perfect service quality.


While doing this job that we have been doing for more than 40 years, Ship Chandler Egypt have strengthened our relations with the world's largest maritime companies and also the world's largest ship supply companies, and Ship Chandler Egypt have always taken great care to keep our relations with all our customers in our portfolio at the best level. Because our customers are very important to us, Ship Chandler Egypt want to continue our regular growth by increasing our existing customers.


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