Deck & Engine Stores

In order to meet the needs of the ship’s deck and machinery materials, our related unit offers you the best service quality with the most suitable conditions in line with your demands.

In ships that make cities for a long time, some materials wear out day by day and as a result of this wear, it is necessary to replace the materials with the same ones. In particular, you can easily reach machine spare parts, hatch and deck paints and the equipment used for these operations by contacting us.

If you want your deck and machinery demands much earlier than your other needs, it will be easier for you to supply because many especially machinery parts are not in stock and therefore the supply takes weeks from time to time. It is important that you contact us as early as possible so that you do not suffer from this situation.

Paints, valves, thinners, ropes, cleaning materials your ships need, Hoses & Couplings, Powered Tools & Equipment, Cutting Tools, Measuring Equipment, Steel, Fastenings, Pipe & Tube Fittings, Bearings, Electrical Equipments, Welding Equipment, Cargo & Deck Equipment , Paint Spraying Equipment, Bridge Equipment, apart from these, we check our stocks and offer you all kinds of materials your ship needs.

Ship Chandler Egypt provides uninterrupted service every day and every hour of the week with its entire staff to give you the best service. You can contact us when your ship needs any port in Egypt.