About the port of Damietta

Damietta Port is an important port in the city of Damietta on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast and is one of the largest ports and is very important for international trade, connecting Egypt to various global markets.

Besides its commercial importance, Damietta Port also contributes to the local economy by providing many employment opportunities and promoting economic growth in the surrounding region.Port authorities prioritize efficiency, safety and sustainability in their operations, minimizing environmental impact while ensuring smooth and reliable trade flows.
Overall, the Port of Damietta is a vital economic asset for Egypt, facilitating international trade and positioning the country as a major player in the global shipping industry.

Ship Chandler Damietta Deck & Engine Store Supply

The port of Damietta is one of the largest ports in Egypt and the needs of the deck and machinery of the ships coming to this port are provided without any problems with Ship Chandler Damietta.
As Ship Chandler Damietta deck materials, welding machines, various marine paints, various hand tools, welding masks, seafarers’ clothing – shoes, pipes, hoses and all the deck materials you need are provided.
Ship Chandler Damietta also provides you with the overhaul of electric motors, injectors for mgo and ifo, their maintenance and repair, iron plates, steel pipes, steel ropes, various measuring tools, pliers, shears and all kinds of tools that you may need on your ship.

Ship Chandler Damietta Puplication Supply

As we mentioned above, Damietta port is one of the busiest ports in Egypt, where all the nautical broadcasts your ships need are easily provided to you. You can easily supply all kinds of nautical books and similar products by contacting Ship Chandler Damietta.

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