About the port of Abu Qir

Abu Qir Port is an important port located on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, near the city of Alexandria. It has important historical and economic importance for the region. The port is located at the easternmost point of the Abu Qir Bay, which offers a strategic location for maritime trade and transportation, and is in a very humid location.

It has always been one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean in maritime trade. With Ship Chandler Abu Qir, the needs of incoming ships during maritime trade have been carried out uninterruptedly for about half a century.

Abu Qir port is also one of Egypt’s most important ports and we serve thousands of ships every year. Ship Chandler Abu Qir meet your necessary needs fully and completely.

Ship Chandler Abu Qir Deck & Engine Store Supply

Abu Qir port is one of the smoothest ports in Egypt, in this port you can easily meet your ship’s deck and engine room needs by contacting Ship Chandler Abu Qir. We can easily supply you with all products of world-class quality.


Ship Chandler Abu Qir will carry its business as a leader in Egyptian ports to better places with your support. Ship Chandler Abu Qir always provides a top quality service

Ship Chandler Abu Qir Publication Supply

In some inspections carried out in Abu Qir port today, it is determined that many of the nautical broadcasts are missing on many ships, and due to these deficiencies, the ships are arrested and cannot continue their course for a while.

In order to avoid such problems, you can contact Ship Chandler Abu Qir and supply all kinds of nautical broadcasts you need to your ship. Ship Chandler Abu Qir provides you with the best prices and the best service quality for nautical publications, as in other services.

Do not hesitate to contact Ship Chandler Abu Qir port for all your needs.

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